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About Actress : Charmy Kaur is an Indian film actress, who has predominantly Appeared in Telugu films.

Actress Charmi Kaur is all excited over the accolades she has won for her latest Bollywood movie Zilla Ghaziabad. Her intimate scenes with co-star Vivek Oberoi in the film have created a stir, but the South Indian girl feels that the shooting of the lovemaking scene with him was very boring as it was just an effort to depict it through your expressions. Talking to a leading English newspaper, Charmi Kaur spoke about her lovemaking scene and said that she has never done such scene before. Hence, it was a different experience for her. She said that the shooting of the lovemaking scene was very boring and it is not fun at all. While filming it, she was completely covered up. She added that she was expected to depict it through your expressions, which was not a big deal for her. However, Charmi Kaur’s health condition was not good on the day of the shooting of the bedroom sequence. She was down with food poisoning and every now and then she had to rush to the washroom. Besides this, it was raining on the day and she was wearing a heavy lehenga. The actress said that she lost a lot of weight due to running to the restroom time and again. But she loves her slim look in it.

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